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Ventosa Luggage Tags

Ventosa Luggage Tags

Made of thick and strong (airport proof) aluminum.  Great for any kind of luggage, from suitcases to bike cases, golf, tennis or gym bags, to backpacks and carry ons. They do not bend or brake. Strong and durable printing quality that does not crack or peel, due to our sublimation process, and a heavy duty stainless steel cable for an easy and secure hanging. The measurements of the Ventosa Luggage Tags are 2.75 in x 4 in, great size for an easy identification.

The Ventosa Luggage Tags are sold in pairs for US$25.00 (each pair), they are two sided and you can choose on the front, besides the design you want, the first letter of your name or last name and on the back you can add your contact information like name, mail and/or phone number.


Choose the quantity (how many pairs) you want.