If you have a cycling, tennis, paintball, hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse, golf, archery, hunting, skate board, motocross, music instruments, or any other kind of store where you think you can sell VENTOSA stickers, feel free to contact us, and we will give a special code, so you can earn some extra money selling our personalized stickers. Please send us an email to for any further detail. 

How does it work?

1.- We send you a display of VENTOSA AUTHORIZED DEALER and give you a special 25% off CODE.

2.- The customer arrives to your place and asks for a VENTOSA set. (12 stickers each set). And pays 20 USD (same amount worldwide, even online).

3.- You log into and make the order online and you will pay for it using your store's 25% off CODE. That way, you are earning that spread immediately without having to pay for an inventory.

4.- The customer leaves, and waits for their VENTOSA package to arrive to his/her place, or whatever address was registered in the order. (Shipping & Handling takes 12-25 labor days). 

And that is it! You will be earning 25% of all sales your store makes from Ventosa Stickers and you will only be needing to display and place in the orders!

Click here to get all the detailed Distribuitor's Info!